McKendree Online Makes Juggling a Busy Life Easy for May 2016 Nursing Graduate Megan Holtmann

Megan HoltmannThis Nurses Week, McKendree University remembers and celebrates nurses and the important role that they play in healthcare. Nurses are the critical backbone of medical care in our hospitals, emergency rooms, nursing homes, military facilities, schools, and several other facilities. They work tirelessly to provide patients with the best care possible, yet oftentimes their many contributions go unnoticed. We at McKendree recognize and celebrate these amazing people and the vital role that they play in our lives. That’s why we are spotlighting Megan Holtmann, a May 2016 graduate from our online Master of Science in Nursing – Nurse Manager/Administrator program!

When Megan applied for the program, she was working as a floor nurse and wanted to move up among the ranks by furthering her education. In addition to her full-time job in St. Louis, she had also just gotten married, moved into a new home, and was coaching cheerleading. When she saw that McKendree not only had an online program but also a management program, she was ecstatic and applied. Now she is graduating with a Master’s Degree in Nursing Management.

While Megan chose McKendree Online for its flexibility, which fit perfectly into her busy life, she said that one of the biggest reasons for choosing McKendree was her husband. “My husband is an alum of McKendree, and he always spoke very highly of the school,” she said. “I saw that the university offered an online nursing management program, and it really sparked my interest. I love the atmosphere at McKendree, too. It is so inviting! I also really appreciate all of my professors I’ve had over the past several years. They want nothing but the best for their students!”

When it comes to feeling like a part of the online student body, Megan feels a close connection to her classmates, even though they do not physically see and interact with each other. “Some of our classmates are in many of our classes, and I get so excited if a physical class meeting is scheduled and we meet everyone,” she said. “There was a meeting that I attended, and two classmates whom I had many classes with were there as well. We were all so excited to finally meet; it’s like we were all best friends who hadn’t seen each other for a while!”

Although there are many facets that Megan enjoyed in regards to the online program, one of her favorite things about McKendree was the attention and support she received from her professors, particularly Dr. Rennegarbe. “She has been a huge part in my success from the beginning,” Megan said. “When I applied to the school, I had asked to start the program in January, as opposed to the typical fall schedule because I was getting married in October. Dr. Rennegarbe was so excited to hear about the wedding and subsequently allowed me to start the program in the spring semester. I did not have her for many classes in the beginning; however, once I delved into the management courses, she became one of my primary professors.”

Dr. Rennegarbe also enjoyed having Megan in her classes. “Megan has been a delight to have in the MSN Management/Administration track,” she said. “She is enthusiastic and professional. She will be an outstanding nurse leader, and she represents the future of our nursing profession.”

Megan is from Aviston, Illinois, and currently lives there with her husband, Brandon, their 3-month-old daughter, Zoey, and their mini-Dachshund, Mylie. Megan enjoys playing the piano and spending time with her family. She also wishes to give back to the university and other students after she finishes her online program, perhaps as a teacher!

We asked Megan her advice to someone who is thinking about enrolling in our online courses, and she said, “I highly encourage anyone thinking about getting their management degree to look at McKendree. I have had nothing but wonderful experiences; the professors are very attentive and offer their help whenever needed. They want their students to succeed in their classes. The classes are small, the one-on-one sessions with the professors are so beneficial, and the online classroom atmosphere is nothing but positive.”

Thinking about furthering your education but lead a busy life? Make sure to visit us online at to see how we can make a difference. In the meantime, be sure to take a moment this week to thank the nurses in your life for all that they do!


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