So You’ve Earned an Online Degree – Now What?

what to do after earning your online degreeYou decided some time ago to take the next step in furthering yourself and propelling your career forward. That’s right, you made the decision to go back to school and get an online degree! You’ve faced several challenges along the way, including juggling your work duties and family responsibilities. You’ve put in the time and effort needed in order to complete your online courses and are now the proud owner of your very own online degree. The question now is this – what should you do with your new degree?

Now that all of the hard work is over, it’s time for you to present your new online degree to the world. Our Career Services department can help you do just that! Our wonderful staff members work hard with you to help you promote your newfound skills better on your resume and can give you insightful critiques on your cover letters. They can also provide you with individual career counseling and can do mock interviews to help you prepare for the real thing. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of these services; they are here to assist you and give you an edge for your life after McKendree.

In addition to visiting our Career Services department, it’s wise to begin working on marketing yourself and networking with others on LinkedIn. Update your LinkedIn profile by showcasing your new degree, and take the time to expound on the skills and tasks that you are now capable of completing, based on your online training. This can make you appear more marketable to future employers. Remember to use your network to try to find unique job opportunities for yourself as well.

Whenever you go in for an interview, make sure to describe how completing your online degree is a testament to your character and drive. Explain how your ambition, self-discipline, organizational skills, ability, and intelligence helped you set and achieve your many goals and how these skills can easily transfer over to the job you want. Your self-initiative will be a strong selling point in helping you present yourself as a responsible, dedicated future employee.

Getting an on online degree is sure to help propel you in the direction you want to go. Get your online degree here with McKendree Online! Learn all about our many online programs by visiting


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